GDS Networks

For professionals with access to various Global Distribution Networks, Ideal Hotel is listed through our partnership with HOTKEY International on the following networks:

 ABACUS : HK63118




SABRE : HK63118



Group Offers

We offer Group rates starting from 20 people and above per group, we are ready to negotiate on any group offer you may have, we already have an extensive network of reliable tour operators from Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and Russia, we are always in the look for new partners and suppliers.

            For payments, we are flexible on any acceptable arrangement for both parties, we are also able to arrange for accommodation for very large groups with our local partners within minutes walking distance from our property, and we also offer the services of arranging for Lunch and Dinner for your groups at a prices between 9 and 12 euro within a big selection of restaurants.

Travel Agencies

Working with reliable and active travel agencies is the life blood of any hotel, Ideal hotel has contracts with a big selection of travel agencies virtually all over the globe, and we are more then glad to expand that network by working with new partners and suppliers, if you present a travel agency don't hesitate to contact us for information. Our commissions range between 10% to 15% for each customer sent.


A large or a small company is always in need for accommodation for its staff as they tour the globe to build their business, Paris being a world capital in business and tourism receives yearly millions of people that need to be accommodated and taken care of. Ideal Hotel is willing to sign advantageous contracts for your employees, customers, suppliers, partners or any affiliate party of your business for the purpose of accommodation in Paris. 

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